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The Stiletto Gym by fimb is a premiere fitness and wellness boutique that is uniquely designed to inspire the woman in you to get fit and feel fabulous.

We make working out fun and exciting by offering a broad range of feminine, but highly effective fitness classes, ranging from Pole Fitness, Chair Dancing and our signature classes, Polga, Fimb-n-n moves and Yogafit Yoga. 

At FIMB, there are no boring treadmills, bench presses and other traditional fitness equipment. Instead, you will find yoga mats, poles, and chairs here. At our studio, you will eagerly look forward to class, and then you can take your new moves home for even more fun. 

Enjoy reaching your fitness goals or achieving the fit, sexy body you desire. Our promise at The Stiletto Gym is to make sure that you love working out so much that you'll make it a regular part of your daily routine. We put fun and fabulous into your workout!

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​One Day I was surfing the web, researching different ways to stay active after high school and came across Pole Fitness. Diving in deeper, I found the FIMB website and decided to try out a Polga class. Going in, I was pretty uncoordinated and not the least bit flexible, so you can only imagine how hard that first class was. I was aching in muscles I didn’t even know I had, but I loved the atmosphere and decided I wanted to keep going. I think that was best decision I’ve made in my brief 21 years on this earth. I grew to be more confident in how I look, act and feel. I gained an atmosphere that caused others to gravitate towards me. Even my Co-workers were asking my secret. I credit all of that to my experience with the Stiletto Gym. Carla, my Polga instructor, is such a great teacher. She’s always patient and gives each person in the class individual attention so that they have the best chance at success. She worked with me a lot, teaching me different tricks and ways to make stretching easier. There would be weeks sometimes when I wouldn’t be able to come in because I worked 7 days a week with 2 jobs, but every time I came back, Carla and the girls in my class always asked about what I’d been doing while I was away. The feeling of inclusion only made my desire to keep coming back even stronger. Now, with a little more time, I am able to be there 2 days a week. I feel stronger now than I’ve ever been. I have lost at least 20lbs with the class alone (not changing my eating habits) and I went from feeling like a fish out of water to a beautiful soaring butterfly on the pole. I’m so thankful that I ever began this journey with the Stiletto Gym. It’s weird to think that if I had never found that website, I wouldn’t know any of those lovely ladies and that I wouldn’t have all the wonderful confidence that I have grown so accustomed to. 

- Lauren

​As I remember almost 3 years ago I stepped into the Stiletto Gym, not knowing anything about what I was getting ready to begin in my life. I was originally on a mission to get rid of the boring way of working out. So a day I will never forget was walking into the studio for the first time. Head down, afraid to make eye contact. For everyone that knew me prior to pole fitness I was a very shy person. Oh how that transformation took place over the next 3 years. I have realized how much fun and support the people are in the pole fitness world. Nothing could stop me from going. It has become a passion of mine, and such a powerful work out. I have found muscles in my body I never knew I had before. It brings out the inner feeling of being beautiful in every aspect. The friends I have made there are priceless. We can all come together and go out or perform a full showcase without a doubt. A pole family. So as you see how I have transformed into a whole new person. Even after being diagnosed with Graves disease and losing all muscle strength and then having to work so hard to gain it back. As it is a must to have . I hope that it inspires you to Transform. You never know what is waiting out there for you. This is coming from a gal that knew nothing before, and look at me now!


The Stiletto Gym
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