FIMB offers one-on-one fitness coaching. Our instructors are trained in Yogafit, Pole Fitness and more. Call us today for more information at at (816) 256-5040
Team Fabulous!

Owner Carla Mock
Carla is the mother of Sophia age 10 and the wife of Steve. Carla is the 
creator of Polga (pole yoga) and known for results-oriented techniques.  Carla posses a unique ability to create and deliver exciting, dynamic, and motivating fitness classes that are fun to do and easy to follow while at the same time being athletic, powerful and physically demanding.  She is a yoga and fitness professional who performs & teaches in the US.   Owner, & director of fimb (fabulous in mind & body) yoga and wellness center.   Carla provides wellness-coaching services in the area of personal development, and wellness systems.   She has developed both a group and individual wellness program “eight weeks to fabulous”.   Producer and choreographer of Polga (pole yoga) fitness video for commercial sale.  RYT (registered yoga teacher) with training through Yogafit.   Licensed Professional Counsellor as well as ACE certified in Group Fitness Instruction.  BA, in Psychology, and a Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology. 

Currently developing a Polga (pole yoga) training program for group fitness directors and certification in-group fitness training programs.

FITNESS INSTRUCTOR AND PERSONAL TRAINER - develops expert yoga and fitness programs for all levels& ages. 
Designs, presents, and instructs classes and workshops in Polga (pole yoga), chair moves fitness, and pole moves fitness.   
Producer and Choreographer of fitness video for commercial sale. 
Creator of Polga (pole yoga) â, a body-mind-spirit fitness program. 


Estelle is a certified group fitness instructor and personal trainer and owns her own personal training business "faith to fitness".  Estelle has an infectious personality and "everyone loves her".  
Estelle Brooks has been working in the field of Health and Fitness for the past 4 years.  Ms. Brooks holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work and has the experience of working with individuals from diverse backgrounds for over 25 years.  Her professional training has afforded her the opportunity to correlate the importance of physical activity as it relates to an individual’s mental health status.

Ms. Brooks is on staff at the following facilities:  Raytown YMCA; Fabulous in Mind and Body (FIMB); and Personal Touch Fitness where each allows here to service a distinctive clientele.   

Ms. Brooks enjoys being a Fitness Instructor as it allows her to assist her clients in goal planning as well as to encourage and educate them on the importance of improving their health. 


I am the mom of 2 beautiful & talented teenagers and wife to a magnificent man whom I’ve known most of my life.
I started my pole and fitness journey as a student about 5 years ago. Prior to becoming a student at The Stiletto Gym, the most exercise I got was an occasional walk through the park. TSG helped me get out of my “box”. I am strong not just physically, but also mentally and I owe them both to The Stiletto Gym.   I instruct Pole Fitness, Chair Fitness, Polga, parties, and personal sessions. 


​My name is Paula Wilson. I am a certified Polga instructor at The Stiletto Gym in Lee's Summit, Missouri. I am also an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and TEAM Weight Loss Coach at Lifetime Fitness. I am currently working on my NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist Certification as well as my Polga Master Instructor Certification. I am the mother of Tyler, currently in officer training school for the US Army, and Carrie, a senior athlete at Ottawa University. I have been married to Paul for 23 years, and somehow he has survived it. I am a really nice person until you cross me, and then I will make your life a miserable place to be. I train 6 days a week by lifting heavy things, and putting them back down. I am the best power lifter, pole dancer, personal trainer, bar fighter, animal lover, tattooed, two stepper, softball coach, baseball addicted wife, mom and best friend you will ever have. My friends love me and everyone else is scared of me, and that's how I like it


Hi! I'm Lindsey and I absolutely LOVE my job as an exertainer with The Stiletto Gym. I've been apart of the studio as a student and an instructor for 3 years. It never gets old. I never grow tired of the fun atmosphere the students and instructors always create! All the classes are fabulous and addicting! I am certified in Polga, and teach chair and pole dancing as well as instructing the fabulous Girls Night Out parties! I've been athletic my whole life, but pole dancing is a challenge I've NEVER experienced and I adore it. I'm a busy working mom of two and if I can escape to The Stiletto Gym to work out I feel like I've had so much fun and don't regret doing it. It's good for me and in turn great for my family!

Jennifer: Jennifer is the newest to the team and what we refer to as the “Exotic J”. She is originally from Orlando and found her way to us in Kansas City. Jennifer is a mother of 3. She just tried out for an NFL cheerleading squad and did not make the final round so she is in preparing for next year’s tryouts!!!! She is a powerhouse when it comes to fitness but all of her classes include a lot of booty poppin and body rollin. She has just recently been put in-charge of our Skpye Classes and promotion.

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